Chapter News Highlights


The Foundation is seeking a Chapter Ambassador from each chapter to be the primary representative for the Foundation. 

Select a direct contact for communicating and sharing direct resources with the Foundation, as well as someone to oversee Foundation activities and report back to the Foundation. This can be any volunteer at the chapter level who has a passion for educating, fundraising, and bragging!

On average, Ambassadors will spend about 10 hrs/mo in this role. This might include a conference call with our Chapter Outreach Committee, planning a fundraising or awareness activity at the next chapter event, and attending the event to answer questions, collect donations, and take photos! 


Product store is open

The Foundation is super excited to launch a product store so that you can show your support of the Foundation and wear proudly at your chapter events. Members can purchase them, too! Product will arrive on your door step in only 2-3 weeks from your purchase date!


Case management week celebrations

How will your chapter celebrate Case Management Week? And, how do you plan to promote the Foundation during your CM Week activities? Check out some of the resources to use on the Chapter Resource page. And, share your story! Take photos, videos, and share what your chapter did and the outcome!

Send your story to Your chapter will receive special recognition on the website, and Facebook, as well as upcoming newsletters.

CMSA Foundation shares more with the Chapter Leaders at the September 2019 CPC Meeting.